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Ouch! How to ease toothache while waiting for an appointment

Toothache is never fun. When you contact us we will always ask you to describe the pain for us as that will give us an idea of the possible cause. But until we can see you here are our top tips for managing your toothache.

Painkillers - your pharmacist will be the best person to talk to about the most appropriate painkiller for your toothache. It is especially important to talk to them if you are on medication for any other condition. Also check on the dosage - it is possible to take too many when you are in pain. The pharmacist can advise on how to layer medications if necessary.

Pain relieving gel - your pharmacist may also be able to recommend a topical pain reliever for you. Gels can be especially good for children, but please seek advice first.

Mouth rinse - a salt water rinse can be soothing if you have sore gums. Please note that this is not suitable for children.

Eating Dos and Don'ts

If you are hungry then we recommend soft foods that would not require much chewing. Yoghurt, scrambled eggs, smoothies, soups and stews would be our go to options.

Avoid sugary foods if possible especially if cleaning your teeth is difficult. This is not a time to be feeding the bad bacteria that may be lurking between your teeth.

Eat food that is room temperature not hot or cold. Exposed nerves are very temperature sensitive.

Avoid smoking, it can make some dental problems worse.

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