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  • Jacquetta Rodgers

Why are my teeth so sensitive?

Sensitive teeth are usually triggered with cold food (ice-cream) or drinks, or touch (toothbrush or fingernail) or sweet foods (chocolate). The pain is severe but only lasts for a few seconds. If you get pain that lasts longer than this and is triggered with hot things more than cold you have toothache not sensitivity! Sensitivity can be caused by exposing the more sensitive dentine on your teeth either by brushing too hard or drinking /eating too many acidic foods, fizzy drinks, white wine, fruit juice. The solution is to limit or exposing your teeth to acid attack, cleaning with an electric tooth brush and using toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Use the toothpaste as an ointment…rub it into the sensitive areas and leave it there.

If you find no improvement come and see us!

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